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October 17 2017

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yeah, you could say i’m a gamer


October 16 2017

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This is how the solar system is actually moving as it traverses the galaxy.


So beAutiful


Yeah it’s not circular as you’ve been taught. It does revolve around the sun, but like every other star, the sun travels, and pulls us too. Fih-boe-nah-chi

and just where the fuck are we going

ask the sun

Sun *yall don’t contribute to gas money so don’t ask me shit*

October 14 2017

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Never has a graph been more of an accurate representation of the exact data it’s trying to convey.

October 13 2017

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this is the latest update ive downloaded and after it downloaded its crashed 5 times in less than an hour




An assassin is really just a serial killer who takes requests.

Excuse you, they take commissions

“hey man can you kill this guy?”

“alright that will be 10k”

“ugh cant you just do it for the exposure? whatever you suck at murder anyway”

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Quokkas are natural models. Many modeling firms prefer to hire Quokkas over human models because their tendency to smile all the time and their payment is only a bag of peanuts. 

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Do you ever just write fanfiction and constantly check it to see of it has gotten any attention? Like seriously looking at it every few hours because your excited and proud of what you wrote?

Then you feel like shit when it gets little to no notes and you want to take it down but your ashamed you feel the need validation for your work because that’s not why you do it.

And your just torn between moving on and trying again because even though you aren’t really an artist you feel like you paint a story with your words. And sometimes it’s like your words fail you and it hurts to read someone’s amazing work knowing that you may never be that good.

And you want to give up because you feel like a failure.

But your afraid to tell your loved ones because its just fanfiction and even though it’s important to you they see it as idiotic and childish.

And sometimes you feel so lost.

Or is this just me.

Hello, Mr. Mirror.

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TOZ by うり
Permission to upload granted by artist. Do not repost/edit.
Don’t forget to bookmark & rate!

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“Mikleo stays on Sorey’s left side so they can help cover each other. In a subtle nod to this dynamic, he will switch over to Sorey’s right side after he loses his sight in that eye. When Sorey gets his sight back, Mikleo returns to the left side all without the game bringing any obvious attention to it.”

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※ Authorized Reprint for Tumblr || artist: shel_tales
☑  Do not remove source link || edit  illustration|| change caption|| upload to other websites! Before repost/reprint someone’s art, be sure you have asked an artist’s permission! Do not use for commercial purposes!    

October 12 2017



as a kid, i used to think that telekinesis really was possible if you could focus all of your brainpower to it. obviously, i was a fucking stupid little kid.

too stupid to unlock telekinesis like everyone else apparently lmaooo

October 11 2017


me, jaywalking and making direct eye contact w the car driver that’s barreling toward me: kill me u coward

October 09 2017




The best part about not having a gender is that every sort of attraction I feel is gay

You have a gender, it’s in your pants

Everyone! My gender is 67 cents, a pen cap, and some lint

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Haise in chapter 144

October 08 2017

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Yep. Looks like I killed him.

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Black reaper in chapter 144

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