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May 22 2017


“Mom, I have a headache”

“You’re using your phone too often!”

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※ Authorized Reprint for Tumblr || artist:  文久禾 || asfuh9u
☑  Do not remove source link || edit  illustration|| change caption|| upload to other websites! Before repost someone’s art, be sure you have asked an artist’s permission!

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Pretty much the fandom.

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can you believe bts just broke the curse

Lol omg

May 21 2017

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what the actual fuck

Chaotic neutral


As soon as Tumblr steals twitter’s “hey your friend liked this!” feature we are royally fucked. The consequences will be dire, far reaching, catastrophic

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reasons you should adopt black cats
1. they’re adopted less bc of superstition
2. the fuzzy one look like soot motes
3. people think you’re a witch and leave you alone
4. Every picture you take of them looks like a void with glowing eyes which is inadvertently hilarious

5. cat

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