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March 28 2017


when i get a math problem right without help

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Shigure is making chocolate 

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ugh I haven’t drawn any NGE art in a long time…. I need a tissue….

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imagine having money wow i just got chills

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Hairu ihei  /redraw

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im gonna cry

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incorrect riverdale quotes || 4/?

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ive said it before, ill say it again. i will never think before i post. i will never put any amount of thought into my posts on this website


when u used to be an overachiever but now ur barely running on enough energy to function and u dont know how to cope

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March 27 2017

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“Alright, which of one of you fuckers is humming the Jaws theme?”

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Name a more iconic trio. I’ll wait. 


*bartender slides my drink to me from across the bar and i fucking fling it back twice as hard*

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